AL-Wardeh AL-Shamieh exports its sweets products to U.S.A, Europe and Arab Gulf Countries to become a global trade name in the in the field of confectionery
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After we achieved the finest taste, we are looking for more, by keeping pace the development and creative in making all kinds of eastern sweets and seeking to add a new production lines within this field such as new flavors and creative ways of a unique taste; planning to create a special kinds of Arabic and foreign desserts

AL-Wardeh AL-Shamieh exports its products to U.S.A, Arab Gulf Countries and Europe in order to globalize its name in the field of sweets industry to become at the top through the high quality productions and the global competition in sweets industry.

The strict adherence to these standards is one of our vision in serving our customers by produce a tasty products; the modern equipment lead us to make a variety of Arabic and Eastern Sweets Stay tuned for more branches in Jordan the capital and many governorates